Day 96 – Inverness to Dingwall

Today’s walk was entirely on roads, and was harder going than I had anticipated, even though it was short (12 miles or so) and I wasn’t carrying much water.
I started by following a very quiet minor road along the Beauly Firth, which was so still it was difficult to tell where the water stopped and sand began. At one point I startled a deer, which bounded away through a field of wheat. Seabirds were wading in the shallows but otherwise there were no signs of life and very little traffic.
So far, so good, but I then walked up through Kilcoy and turned onto a bike track next to the very busy A road down to Conon Bridge, which made for noisy and unpleasant walking, although there were some surprisingly good views. Fortunately the last part of the walk into Dingwall followed a minor road again, but I was a bit worried by how sore my feet were at the end of the walk – I estimate I have to walk roughly twice the distance tomorrow!


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