Day 95 (Rest day) – lots to do!

I felt a real sense of achievement at reaching Inverness. It was my last rest day before John O’Groats, and I had a lot to get done.
I started with a sports massage at the Riverdale Centre – a really excellent idea, and I left an hour later feeling inches taller and with a spring in my step.
I then dropped off a load of laundry before going on to get a haircut – after 3 months of increasingly wild and woolly locks, it was lovely to feel a bit more groomed again!
I spent the afternoon trying to book accommodation for the next week. Unfortunately, I had managed to time my walk north to coincide with the World Sheepdog Trials taking place in Tain. Clearly, this is an event of major importance, and there didn’t seem to be a single bed available within a forty mile radius. Eventually, however, after four hours of phone calls and very slow web browsing on my phone, I managed to book accommodation for the next four days. Unfortunately, this means two very long days of road walking, from Dingwall to Tain and Tain to Golspie, but it can’t be helped.
At about five I shouldered my backpack and walked the short distance through Inverness docks and over the Kessock bridge (another huge scary one but much more solid than the Severn) to my new hotel in North Kessock. I ate dinner watching seals in the still silver water of the Beauly Firth and drinking too much white wine. I’m feeling slightly apprehensive at the thought of the days ahead, and all of a sudden the end of my walk is feeling very close. What will I do when I don’t have to walk any more?


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