Day 93 – Alltsigh to Drumnadrochit

A short day, this one (about 10 miles) – just as well, because after the last two days I was very stiff indeed!
It’s not the most exciting part of the trail. Just more walking on forest tracks, with the occasional view down Loch Ness, and the smell of oranges from freshly cut pine. I wasn’t rushing, but still got to Drumnadrochit in time for a late lunch.
I opted for a restful afternoon reading more shlock horror paperbacks, before eventually dragging myself back out for dinner at the local pub. I am really looking forward to getting home at the end of this and just having some normal and preferably non-greasy food which I have cooked myself, and to having some conversation while I eat rather than either reading or trying to look at other diners without staring at them!
Bed earlyish, after finishing another serial-killer-rampage-defeated-by-good-cop-with-relationship-issues. I’m missing home and my family a lot – I can’t imagine what it would have been like to do the whole trail without them. Looking forward to finishing the Great Glen tomorrow, as Inverness feels like the last major milestone on the way to John O’Groats. Onwards!


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