Day 92 – Laggan to Altsigh

On the plus side, I had a whole bag full of clean clothes and had had a good night’s sleep. On the minus side, I was incredibly stiff, and (more importantly) there was no coffee. Bizarrely the only instant coffee sold by the hostel was a powdered latte. I take my coffee black. After dubiously stirring boiling water into a mushroom-coloured powder, I can say that whilst drinkable the resulting concoction is NOTHING like coffee. A German couple were breakfasting at the same time and were similarly non-plussed.
I dithered about getting ready to leave and wasn’t out the door until about 9:40.
Today was supposed to be a short(ish) day, about 17 miles up the east side of Loch Oich, along the canal, through Fort Augustus and then along Loch Ness. Despite my late start I was making good progress, but then disaster struck. As I got to the top of Loch Oich I thought I would take a photo, only to find that my phone had fallen out of my backpack belt at some unknown point in the last 4 miles or so. I headed back down the path, cursing volubly and hoping that I hadn’t dropped the phone right at the beginning. Fortunately, after a couple of miles I met the German couple from the hostel, who smilingly produced my battered Blackberry and then looked a bit bemused at my hysterical gratitude. I walked as fast as I could to make up time, and made it to Fort Augustus for lunch by the river. After that I stocked up on cash and headed towards Loch Ness.
The walk to Invermoriston is along forest tracks, but the views are limited. There were huge piles of freshly cut timber by the path, with a smell strongly reminiscent of oranges, but otherwise it was fairly tedious. As I started downhill towards Invermoriston, tired and thirsty, I breathed a sigh of relief and started looking up the address of my B&B, only to find that it was in fact not in Invermoriston but in Altsigh, some 4 miles further on. I nearly cried, but it was entirely my own fault – I hadn’t checked the location. I eventually made it at about 730, to a warm welcome and a huge plate of dinner.
Footsore and weary after another long day, I applied liberal quantities of Deep Heat and consoled myself with the thought that tomorrow’s walk to Drumnadrochit would be very short indeed!


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