Day 90 (rest day) – travelling in style

After 8 days’ walking since the family left, I was sorely in need of a rest, in both senses of the word. I was very excited, because I had booked myself on the steam train to Mallaig, which I have always wanted to take but never previously got round to.
The train was great, but completely chock full – it was bizarre and vaguely unpleasant to be crammed in with so many other people after so much space and isolation walking, and I wondered briefly how I was going to cope with going back to London and the Central Line rush hour. However, the train trip is lovely – for those not in the know, it’s the route used for the Hogwarts Express scenes in the Harry Potter movies – and not even the persistent drizzle could dampen my mood.
Mallaig, where the train terminates, turned out to be a very pretty fishing village. I opted to go on a one hour wildlife cruise. In fact, the best view of wildlife turned out to be the very inquisitive seal which was swimming in the harbour, but it was a nice trip nonetheless. We arrived back with 20 minutes before the train left, and I got a portion of very hot chips and ate them with lots of salt and vinegar standing on the harbour wall in the drizzle.
Once back in Fort William, I wrote a postcard to Rowan and did some shopping before dinner and early bed. A long day (about 23 miles) up the Great Glen to Laggan tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 90 (rest day) – travelling in style

  1. I wondered that too readjusting to London – and I wasn’t away as long or walking alone as much. It’s a bit weird – completely familiar and horrifyingly in-yer-face at the same time. I was kind of sad when it stopped feeling horrifyingly in-yer-face, though, weird though that sounds. Not sure exactly where that comment sits on the encouraging / discouraging spectrum! But keep going!! Xx

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