Day 89 – Kinlochleven to Fort William

Yet again, I woke up on the dot at 630, and after a quick breakfast I managed to get an early start. It was fairly grey and misty, but as the climb out of Kinlochleven via Lairigmor was much steeper (and longer) than I remembered I was glad of the coolness. I was very stiff, and walking seemed like very hard work all of a sudden.
At the top of the climb I caught up with Alana (Elana? Apologies if the spelling is all wrong), and we ended up walking the rest of the way into Fort William together.
The last section of the West Highland Way is a bit of an anticlimax – both scenery and the route are a bit blah – so I was indebted to her for a very enjoyable day’s walk (she even put up with my ranting about politics with apparent goodwill!) and for me at least, the conversation made the miles fly by – we arrived in Fort William very early and had a celebratory tea in the hotel.
I spent a leisurely evening resting my feet, having a curry and reading some more shlock horror paperbacks from the bookcase at my B&B (lack of reading material is one of the drawbacks to being on the move all the time). A much-needed rest day tomorrow.


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