Day 81 (rest day) – packing and a palace

This was my last day with my family, as Rowan is due to start school in September and Arran and I had decided he would take the children back to London while I finish the walk.
I spent the day packing all the things I would need for the next 3 weeks into my bag, then trying to work out what I could do without to reduce the weight. I also spent a surprisingly long time on the phone booking accommodation as I couldn’t face camping.
In the afternoon we went to Linlithgow to see the palace – well worth a visit – and I bought both children a book as a goodbye present.
I was feeling very nervous and emotional – I have relied so much on Arran’s support and the luxury of having my family nearby, and three weeks seemed like a very long time not to see them. It took me a long time to get to sleep.


One thought on “Day 81 (rest day) – packing and a palace

  1. Stay strong Leonie, not long to go and you are doing so well. We are all with you in spirit if not in person and just think how ecstatic the kids will be to see you when you get back. Lots of love. Catherine

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