Day 78 – Melrose to Traquair

The day started well, with a nice walk through the outskirts of Melrose by the river. The path then headed up past a castle and through a golf course (I stopped to let three very friendly but very inept players go past), before heading up towards Gala Hill. There were some lovely views back over Melrose and a nice walk through the wood over the top of the hill, then down into a small valley.
It was getting steadily more overcast, however, and as I climbed up to cross some moorland the sky was grey and threatening and the wind was gusting so hard it was difficult to stand upright.
The suggested route dips down to Vair before heading over Minch Moor, but looking up at the dark clouds I decided it would be better to use the road round via Innerleithen. It was a longer (flat and tarmac) route, but was a lot more sheltered, and on the whole I was relieved not to be up on the top. As I came round towards Traquair, the road was blocked by a mountain biking competition and I had to wait for a gap before scurrying across the course and onwards to my destination.
Unfortunately Traquair House (pretty much the sole reason for visiting Traquair) was closed by the time I got there. Ho hum. All in all, a bit of a long and boring day, but more progress made.


2 thoughts on “Day 78 – Melrose to Traquair

  1. Hi Leonie I hope you didnt watch the golfers tee off, very off putting for an amateur golfer (speaking from experience) when golfers tee always look at your feet or the horizon. Better still hide behind a sturdy tree! Same with mountain bikers, hide behind the nearest ben…
    Very best wishes Paul Hirst

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