Day 73 – Housesteads to Bellingham

For the sake of caution I opted for another rest day before attempting this section, as I couldn’t face wearing trainers again and wanted to make sure my legs were up to the boots.
Wearing boots was a very good decision, as the route varied from squelchy to muddy to just plain wet. Another classic Pennine Way trudge over rainy moorland – the landscape all browns and greys, and my mood likewise.
Highlight of the day was the lovely farmer who left a kettle, cups, a fridge and snacks out in an empty barn for hungry and thirsty walkers. After several hours of squelching across the moor, a cup of tea out of the rain was fabulous; I donated all of my remaining money and wrote a probably over-effusive note in the visitors’ book.
My leg, however, was much better even with the boots, and I started to feel more optimistic about my prospects of finishing LEJOG. I trudged into Bellingham in a downpour, soaked but undaunted.


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