Day 71 – Haltwhistle to Housesteads Fort

This was my first day back on the trail, and I opted for a short (6 or so miles) walk up from Haltwhistle to Hadrian’s Wall and then along the wall as far as Housesteads, one of the excavated forts co-run by the National Trust and English Heritage. To avoid straining my leg, I opted to wear trainers. Unfortunately, the weather was absolutely filthy – cold, driving rain, and a gusty wind in my face – and my feet were soon soaked, but I was in good spirits and feeling happy to be back on my way, and it all felt appropriately atmospheric.

IMG-20140810-00853 IMG-20140810-00852

IMG-20140810-00850 IMG-20140810-00851

By the time I got to Housesteads I was very wet and cold, and my sympathy for the Roman soldiers who had to man the wall in all weathers without the aid of Gore-tex had massively increased. On the other hand, I had made it through the walk without any problems with my leg, and I vowed that I would continue with LEJOG even if I had to do it in 10 mile stages.


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