Day 48 (Rest day) – An aquarium, a boat trip and a new jacket

Despite having had a couple of short days in the previous six I decided to take a rest day. Because the weather was scheduled to continue to be awful, we decided to head over to the Lake District and go to the Lakeside Aquarium at the end of Windermere. In fact, by the time we got there the sun was shining and it was getting steadily hotter!

The aquarium was great – aquariums are always a great idea with small children – and Isaac was particularly excited by the sight of fish so close up. The best bit by far was a large ‘walk through’ tank full of fish to be found locally – you could see the feet of ducks swimming above you and the long golden bodies of pike lying silent in the weeds below. We even saw a duck diving for food.

After the aquarium we decided to take a boat down the lake to Bowness for lunch. I had forgotten that Bowness is a horrible tourist trap and always absolutely heaving, but the boat ride there and back was very nice, especially sitting on the open deck in the sunshine. I took the opportunity of a sale to buy a new jacket, which was guaranteed both breathable and waterproof for 3 years. Arran and I made a strategic decision to avoid the Beatrix Potter experience, and managed to distract Rowan’s attention from it as we walked past. Back on the boat, and both children fell asleep on the way home.



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