Day 43 – Holme to Standedge

A very short day, this one, mainly due to ongoing problems with tiredness (to anyone thinking about walking with two small children in tow, I don’t advise it, I am starting to crave 8 hours’ uninterrupted sleep like a drug) and new boots.

It started with a nice climb out of Holme into the hills, then over the moors on a not-very-well-defined path.

IMG-20140715-00712 IMG-20140715-00708

I was escorted by some sheep for a couple of miles – they trotted just ahead of me and waited for me to catch up, even waiting for me when I had a short apple-and-jelly-babies break.

IMG-20140715-00711 IMG-20140715-00710

However, by Standedge I was really feeling worn out; my boots and feet felt like lead and the thought of the long miles ahead was very daunting. I opted to cut the day short at the Great Western Inn (where I was the youngest person by at least 25 years).

I’m really finding the lack of good sleep hard to deal with. We put the kids to bed in our bed in the caravan and then move them (to the sofa and mattress on the floor) when we come to sleep ourselves. What this means is that it’s not possible for me to go to sleep until both kids are thoroughly asleep, and Rowan is regularly refusing to go to sleep until close to 10pm. This is not only far too late for a 4 year old, but is much later than I want to go to bed when I have walked 20 odd miles. Isaac regularly wakes during the night and Rowan occasionally has nightmares which involve shouting in her sleep and/or getting into bed with us (kicking us in the head while she does). I think this is purely the product of being on holiday – neither child has problems going to sleep or staying asleep at home – but I’m really not sure what we can do about it, short of going home. And I don’t want to do that, as I have the bit between my teeth by now!





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