Day 20 – an unexpected ‘rest’ day

I hadn’t planned a rest day today, and was looking forward to another productive day’s walking. However, the estate agents rang to say that they had potential tenants to rent our house in London until the end of August – an offer too good to miss, as the rent covers the mortgage and most of our camping fees for the time we are away. We decided that Arran would go back to London for the day to sort out the house and I would have a day with the kids, who haven’t seen much of me recently. 

We had a very enjoyable day, swimming in the campsite pool in the morning and then going for an extremely short walk to the next village in the afternoon. I don’t ever under-estimate the effort and energy required to look after two small children (although Arran makes it look effortless) but by the time we had had dinner and I had managed to put both kids to bed, I was completely exhausted, and collapsed into bed myself with the next instalment of the Cazalet books. For those wondering, walking 20 miles is in some ways much less tiring than full-time parenting…


5 thoughts on “Day 20 – an unexpected ‘rest’ day

  1. Hello, Leonie. You don’t know me. I am planning on walking “Lejog” next year and have been following (and enjoying) your Blog. We live reasonably close to Dunford Bridge, which was one of the stopping points on your original itinerary. If you will still be stopping there, my wife and I would love to meet up with you (and your family of course) and chat about your experience, and perhaps get some tips for my trip. If this could be of interest, please e-mail me.
    Best wishes
    PS: We also share a profession, although I no longer practise.

    • That sounds like a great idea – as you have probably gathered I am running substantially behind the original itinerary (due mainly to not having thought enough about whether I would be able to do the longer days in the trail guide). I’m due to pass through Knighton tomorrow (the last day on Offa’s Dyke) and head towards Craven Arms although I think I will probably end up somewhere in between. What I suggest is that when I get a bit closer to you I email to arrange meeting up, if that is ok?

  2. This was a long and tiring but quite peaceful day for me. I did start the day at 4.20am and not finish until 10.30pm but didn’t have to wipe anyone else’s arse. I also listened to a lot of radio 4 without anyone whingeing.

  3. That would be fine. Unfortunately, the evening of Friday 11th July is the last evening we can make as I will be travelling for work for a week from Saturday 12th. I suggest that you let me know nearer the time where you will be towards the end of next week. Hopefully it will work out!

  4. Leonie,

    We met your lovely family at Mill Farm in Bridgwater (Kids Martha and Osian played with your two). Arran gave me you’re blog details and I have been following your posts with great interest. What an adventure you will all have this summer. Hope the weather holds out ok for you. Enjoy your walking. Emma

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