Day 5 – Portreath to Perranporth

Today’s walk was the continuation of Day 3 in The Book, meaning that (with the rest day) I am a day behind schedule. However, it was definitely worth having a day off, as I woke up feeling bouncy and energetic with no stiffness and feet back to normal size.

Today, for perhaps the first time since starting, I really felt I was capable of doing LEJOG, and I was able to relax into the walk and just enjoy the moment, without worrying about my progress or my speed. I’d also made a conscious decision to stop thinking about the steep down-and-ups as a test, or an opportunity to fail, and simply to walk them as just another part of the path. It sounds stupid, perhaps, but letting go of my fear that I won’t be able to finish the Southwest Coast Path, let alone the whole walk, was very liberating. Combined with my rapidly improving fitness, it made the whole of today’s walk a real pleasure.

Cornwall-20140607-00310 IMG-20140607-00313

IMG-20140607-00314 IMG-20140607-00315

Today was a combination of some very easy clifftop walking and a few steep descents. I started early (or as early as possible – the logistics of young children in a caravan prevent 6am departures!) and made surprisingly good progress, arriving into Perranporth at just before 3. I even had enough time for a pint (Doom Bar, natch) at the very windy beach bar before meeting the family. Back to the caravan site to pack up as much as possible before tomorrow, as we are moving to the next site.

IMG-20140607-00316 Cornwall-20140607-00321

Highlights: a very peaceful start to the day, in a lovely crisp cool morning; gulls and larks overhead; ruined mineworks standing out against the blue sky; torrential rain NOT happening as forecast; an interesting and engaging conversation on a clifftop bench with a local lady, Hazel Williams, which left me happy and smiling right down to lunch. Oh, and another excellent pasty, this time from Portreath bakery. May have to rethink the weight loss plan at this rate.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Portreath to Perranporth

  1. Hi, Leonie, I’m glad you are under way. Don’t think about trying to finish the SW Coast Path, or for that matter LEJOG. Nobody can walk 1200 miles. But anybody can walk 15 miles — and if you do that 80 times you’ll be in JOG before you know it. Just keep on trekkin’. And writing.

    Also, don’t worry about the weather. I’m heading to England next week, and will bring with me plenty of southwest American sunshine.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Ken Klug

  2. Ken sounds very wise to me. You can’t get your head around the whole trip: just the next day. Also, I’m glad you took a rest when you needed it.

    Thanks for all the updates, I’m really enjoying reading them.

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